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  Why you need a website

When you start working as a freelancer you have two choices: you can view yourself as an employee looking for work or you can think of yourself as a business owner looking for clients.

If you decide to be an “entrepreneurial translator” and promote yourself as the business that you really are, you have to start promoting your services. Some years ago the only way to promote a new business was through expensive advertisement. Nowadays, the Internet has changed everything. The Internet allows you to engage in very cost-effective marketing through social media, websites and SEO, as well as paid campaigns with advertisement platforms such as Google AdWords.

There are many aspects to take into account when starting your own freelance business. If you want to find your first clients within the next month, then grab the course"How to Get Started and become successful as a freelance translator" with a special 20% discount for the students of this website building course.

The first step in your freelance career is creating a website. Your website is your business card, your presentation and your best marketing tool.

Your website has to be catchy, professional and appealing. It has to showcase your skills without boring your prospects with information they can’t understand.

Experts told you that a professional website costs hundreds of dollars or euros. That’s not true. However, it is true if you don’t know how to do it and you have to turn to a digital agency for help. But if you have a couple of hours and you’re keen to learn, you can have it up and running today.

The first thing you need to know is that you will be responsible for your website. It means that you have to be keen to take responsibility for it, even if you are not a programmer.

Secondly, you must be aware that there are many services out there that can be used to set up a free website. For example, there are Yola, Weebly, Wix, Blogger and Tumblr, just to name a few. The first time I built a website I used Yola.

But the method I will teach you today involves a self-hosted website and Wordpress CMS (Content Management System), which is a totally different method.